From 2020 with more people working from home, we noticed a large increase of Ragdoll cat ownership.

They are "Indoor Cats" and are suited to a relaxing life, as can be seen from our own Ragdolls, pictured on the right.              

As owners of Ragdolls for over 25 years, it was important that our cattery was suitable if we had Ragdolls to stay. 

We ensured that all our facilities would be ideal for "Indoor Ragdoll Cats". We ensured that the suites had underfloor heating, heated bed mats and heating. It was also important to make them significantly larger so the they would be happy if they wanted to stay inside and relax. Each suite has it its own TV as well.                                                         
With owners now finding it possible to resuming their holidays and short breaks. We can now assure you we can look after your cat, without you worrying if they will be happy when you are away.

We only have 5 suites and offer personal attention to all our guests, your Ragdoll will also benefit from the experience we have gained over 25 years with this breed especially. 

We do not board Dogs so you can be reassured they  quiet time with us. The only slight disturbance may be from the visisting Green Macaw Parrots, that frequent the bird feeders.     

 If you would like your Ragdoll to stay with us, please enquire about availiablity and mention you have a Ragdoll that would like to stay    




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