About Us

The idea of Posh Puss Palace came about one evening in early March 2005 . Our eldest son had acquired a kitten the previous year and wanted to go on holiday in July.

He wasn’t at all happy about leaving his cat in a cattery as the thought of him spending over a week in an area of six feet by 4 feet would totally freak him out.

The other option was for  his cat to stay at home and I would go and feed him three times a day. That was not an option I was happy about  “Why don’t you build a big cattery in your garden for him” he joked.

I have always wanted a cattery so the idea was well met by me but I wasn’t sure ‘the other half’ would go with it. You can imagine my surprise when he started getting paper and pencil out and began sketching. Wow result!

We wanted to create a suite big enough for me to sit down and spend time with the cat. It needed larger windows for the cat to watch the birds and squirrels and a big exercise run and every luxury a cat could want  Having  four indoor Ragdoll cats I knew that cats appreciate space and somewhere warm to watch the creatures in the garden

And so Posh Puss Palace was born . . .




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