Frequently Asked Questions

How large is your accomodation ?

The standard in the reglulations is 3 Square feet for one cat, with headroom of 3 feet for the sleeping area. The outdoor run being 18 sq feet.

Posh Puss Palace has 60 square feet for sleeping and also 60 square feet for the outside with over 6 feet in height for both.

We felt that that Cats in our care should have the largest possible space.

Why do you charge extra for heating ?

The accomodation has a raditator as well as undefloor heating. this will keep cats at an even temperature and is closer to what pampered cats are use to !!

Do I have to visit you or can I just book the dates?

We really do not like taking bookings without you visiting us first. It really is important for your own peace of mind whilst your away. Clients will spend a long time choosing their holiday destination, so why not do the same for your cat.

What is the biggest problem you have?

After pampering your cat and spending tme watching the squirrels and wildlife, including imagining they could catch the wild parakeets. They simply like to stay longer and are reluctant to get in their carrier to go home !!



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