Bumble Bee Suite

The Bumble Bee suite is accesed via a upvc double glazed door. The inside of the suite is decorated with brightly coloured bumble bees and flowers on the walls.

There are two windows to the front allowing the guests to look out and observe the comings and goings of the many squirrels and birds which visit the garden. Perfect for spending a lazy morning or afternoon.

The suite has under floor heating fitted to the  ceramic floor tiles.  Room heating is provided should the weather turn  inclement.

The staircase allows the guest to sedately rise from floor level to the viewing seats with sumptuous cushions and a heated pad bed for those wintery days, when all you want to do is sit in the warm and watch the world go by.

A built in radio system is played throughout the day and  evening and the client can specify which station they would like to listen to.

Clean and well filled toilets with "World's Best" cat litter will be provided . Maid service will ensure that they will be cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day and night.

The Exterior Comprises of:

Both front windows open fully to allow access outside with large viewing platforms to the surrounding the exercise area.

A large scratching post is provided to keep the guests claws in trim and also allows guests to take some exercise by balancing along it.

There is 180 degree views of the garden with its activities taking place throughout the day, curtesy of the proprietor.

Several chairs complete with cushions are provided  for that extra bit of comfort. Bird feeders are positioned to allow clear view of   feathered visitors.


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